Work hard, play hard

Work hard, play hard.


A popular phrase, but is it true?


The first part, work hard, definitely is. We run from one appointment to the other and fill our days with to-do’s, always aiming to get






But play hard?


Does drinking alcohol till you pass out on the weekends fall in the category play? Is dancing at a festival playing, if it is only possible after taking drugs? Can flying from one place to the other, without actually seeing anything, qualify as playing?


When is the last time you played?

Let me ask you:


When is the last time you have been in a playground if it wasn’t in the context of a boot camp?


When is the last time you have created art, painted, drew – not to learn a new skill, not by taking classes, not to sell it – simply to play with colors and shapes?


When is the last time you picked up an instrument, just to let your hands do the work? Tune in to what is, at that moment, instead of focussing on what it is supposed to become or how it should sound?



Break the addiction of being busy

The thought that taking the time to purposelessly play is a privilege reserved to children is a huge misconception in our society. A risky one even, if you ask me.


Working hard, always being busy: it is arguably the most widespread and dangerous addiction of our time.


Break this addiction.

Break it by playing.



Make music. Dance. Sing. Dress up like a princess.

Tell your friends jokes. Tell strangers jokes.

Explore your neighborhood, without a goal, without having to arrive somewhere at a certain time, in a certain way.

Find shapes in clouds. Jump in mud puddles. Run with your arms outstretched.



Do whatever it is, that makes you experience that carefree, light-hearted, childlike joy.


Work hard, play hard is a lie

The motto ‘work hard, play hard’ is a lie.

It is a lie because, even though we work hard, we rarely play hard.

It is a lie we tell ourselves to justify the lifestyle we have. The lifestyle we all feel – we all know – is unhealthy.

It is the cause of a pandemic of cancer, burnouts and depression.

It is quietly killing us.


Start playing today

Let’s stop telling ourselves this untruth, shall we?

Let’s work a little less hard and play a little more.

You can start today.

Simply decide, right now, to spend the next ten minutes doing something playful. Your to-do can wait!


Let me know how it was ♡

Love, Lola
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