Happily ever after

Happily ever after

When we read or watch fairytales we tend to remember the good stuff.




Cinderella had to clean the whole house, was mistreated by a creepy stepmom and is so lonely she talks to mice;
Snowwhite nearly had her heart ripped out, then got into a coma, was close to being buried alive, only to wake up after being kissed by a total stranger (I mean, this was sexual harassment, my friends);
Ariel lost the ability to express herself with words and let’s not forget: she was an obsessed hoarder in the first place.



We want our lives to be fairytale-like, but we forget the drama that comes with it. As long as we get our prince in the end, right?




Princess Lola

When I was young my parents used to tease me by saying that I was a princess, who had to grow up in an ordinary household family. Why?

Because I knew what I wanted. I was very aware of my likes and dislikes.

And sometimes, that could be pretty annoying.


Over the years I lost that side of me. Because of school, University, wanting to be liked by friends and society, I gradually adapted.

Less Lola, more common.

I became ordinary. A bystander.



Wake up, Snow White!

Then, my ex-husband got sick with cancer and I forgot about my ordinary-bystander-self too.

In the years that followed, the majority of the time, I didn’t really live – I merely existed.


Until I was diagnosed with breast cancer.


It was in that time, isolated from the normal world, that I started to feel the disconnection to myself.

That I realized how very little I was doing of what I wanted to do and how much time was filled up by other people.

Always putting others’ needs first. Helping out, volunteering, promoting charity causes, showing up at events. Doing what was expected of me.


And I decided that it was enough.



It’s time for the happily ever after

I’ve been working my butt off for others. Yes: even voluntarily cleaned the home of incredible ungrateful people.

After treatment, I’ve felt so freaking lonely.

At one point, my house did actually look like Ariel’s treasure grotto.

And, there were times I thought I was going to be buried soon.


I’ve had my fair share of challenges. Faced them, learned from them. 



It’s time for the good stuff now.



I’m ready for the happily ever after.



Who’s with me?



What does your fairytale look like? What challenges did you face and, more importantly, what lessons did you learn from them? Let me know in the comments or a private message – looking forward to hearing more about your story!

Love, Lola

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