Alcohol and cancer

Let op: er zijn mensen die deze post als confronterend ervaren. Ik heb deze geschreven om te delen wat mij helpt in het maken van gezonde keuzes rondom alcohol. Doe er mee wat voor jou past ♡


To drink or not to drink, that’s the question.

I want to share what works for me, hoping it will also help you in making happy & healthy decisions about alcohol.


We all donate a lot of money to research on cancer prevention. Yet, when the results come in and we don’t like what they are, we choose to ignore them. A correlation is found between cancer and for example:

  • all sorts of processed meat, such as salami;
  • sugar and saturated fat;
  • smoking, obviously;
  • stress and traumatic experiences;
  • obesity and lack of movement/exercise;


The list goes on and more research is done every day.


As I wrote in one of my previous posts, the fear of recurrence is often deeply routed in our system. This affects a lot of the choices made after a cancer treatment, often posing you for a dilemma. It’s good to eat healthy, but it’s also healthy to not stress over eating.


One of the possible causes of cancer is alcohol. I’m not talking about a bottle of wine every evening or adding vodka to your Sunday morning orange juice. Nope – simply one glass a week increases the chance of breast cancer. And since the odds you get diagnosed already aren’t in your favour (1 in 7, unfortunately, for the ladies), you understand why it can be hard to enjoy drinking when having this knowledge.  Especially after treatment, because, you know, you kind of not want to experience that again.


At the same time, a cold and refreshing beer can absolutely contribute to your happiness. And that brings me back to the dilemma. I don’t want to take too much alcohol, yet at the same time, I don’t want to stress over everything I eat or drink.


I have found one simple question really helps me to make a conscious decision when I consider drinking alcohol:


“Does the drink add something to the moment?”


When I am at a beautiful beach in Turkey, the sun touching my face, surrounded by family and feeling so extremely lucky to be alive, the answer can be ‘yes’. I order an incredibly delicious cocktail to celebrate life.


When I am out with friends and we are chatting, dancing, singing, it doesn’t make a difference if I order a beer or a soda. The experience of being there won’t be better with alcohol. Plus, if I’m not dancing without it, that’s probably because I don’t feel like dancing in that moment. The answer is ‘no’.


Instead of automatically opting for beer or saying yes to a glass of wine, I take one tiny moment to ask myself: to drink or not to drink?


A lot of cancer patients feel guilty when drinking alcohol. My advice: be kind to yourself. Sometimes, that means you opt for a cup of fresh ginger tea. And sometimes… self love is suicide tequila shots till you can’t stand on your feet anymore.


Cheers to whichever one you pick!


Do you drink alcohol? Have you considered quitting after treatment? I would love to hear from you! I’ll soon share my favourite non-alcoholic alternatives. Sign up for the newsletter below to stay posted.


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