Leaving anger in Ibiza

Last September, I attended a retreat at Ibiza. As part of the program, one day, our group hiked up to a cliff with amazing views over the sea. The goal? Letting go of all the anger we had kept inside.


screaming & shouting from the top of a hill

Walking up the hill I was a bit hesitant, not sure what to expect. However, I decided to give it a go.

When we reached the top we each found a place for ourselves and together, we counted down.

5… place your feet firmly on the ground…

4…focus your eyes on a point in the distance…

3…take a deep breath in…

2…get ready to scream…



I screamed. From the top of my lungs.

And I shouted.

And yelled.

And screamed some more.


Then came the tears.


And I cried.

Started shivering.

Cried more.

Screamed more.


letting go of the anger

All of the anger about being sick. The frustration of not having life work out the way I envisioned it. The disappointment in former friends who weren’t there for me when I needed them. The anger of people crossing my boundaries on so many occasions, in so many ways.


I let all of it out.


With every tear and every shout, I became lighter.


I felt different.



That evening, I laughed more than I did in the six months before.

Having the tears roll down your face because of laughter – boy how I’d missed that.



anger is a positive emotion

Anger, sadness, grief – they are often labeled ‘negative’ or ‘bad’ emotions.


I believe there is no such thing: all emotions we experience are here for us to learn something, express ourselves, pay attention to our needs.


During last Saturday’s episode of LEGOMASTERS, one of my fellow contestants expressed his anger by giving a high-kick to a 2×4 plastic brick. It triggered a lot of people. “This dude scares me” and “He annoys me”.



why are we afraid of anger?

Why are we afraid of anger? Why is it, that we don’t want to be associated with it?
Why do we teach our children to “calm down”?



We feel safer swallowing it and keeping it hidden inside. A secret ball of dark energy in our chest.

Energy that causes frustration. It makes us feel blocked. Unable to let go of people, of events, of habits. Incapable of forgiveness.



That day, surrounded by nature and the Balearic Sea, I let the angry energy out.

It was exactly what I needed to move forward in life.



And what about you? Close your eyes, take a couple of deep breaths, and focus on your chest. Do you feel any frustration there? Locked up anger? What do you need to let it go? Let me know!
Also, here are 8 ways to release anger, when it comes up.

Love, Lola

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