Legomasters Netherlands

3 years A.D.

I never expected to say this:

I’m participating in a brand new television show called LEGOMASTERS!



A new competition called LEGOMASTERS

A few months ago Jan called me. He had replied to a post about a LEGO-competition and was asked to come to the castings. Only problem: it was a team effort and he needed a mate. The first person who came to his mind: me.


I’m not gonna lie, I wasn’t sure at first. I mean, we said we were going to remain friends after the break-up, but to compete in a show together…? That’s next level after-divorce-friendship.


Jan is the biggest LEGO geek I know

However, the more I thought about it, the better the idea seemed to be. This could be cool, right? Jan has been a LEGO fan (maybe I should say freak) ever since he was old enough to not stuff the bricks into his nose. When we moved in together the apartment gradually got filled up with more and more LEGO. The house we bought even had a brickroom – absolutely unsafe to enter barefooted. Over the years, I started to get involved, mainly by making suggestions on how to improve the creations Jan was working on and adding story elements. And after we split and he got the whole collection, I found myself buying small boxes to continue the hobby.


Well, long story short: we decided to give it a go, went to the castings and were selected as one of the eight competing couples.
It still feels a bit surreal.


LEGOMASTERS airs in April

In every episode of LEGOMASTERS the contestants complete an assignment in a certain amount of time. The brickroom in our attic was a complete joke compared to the colorful Brickroom (I decided it deserves a capital B) in the show, which is filled with 2,5 million LEGO pieces! At the end of each challenge, one team has to go home. The winners receive a beautiful prize and the title of LEGOMASTERS.

We are Lola and Jan and we are best friends, after we’ve been a couple for ten years.
She kept the house, I kept the LEGO.
We plan to combine Jan’s technical skills and my creativity.
That’s why we are going to win!

Photo: RTL/William Rutten

If you’re in the Netherlands, you can watch the show on RTL4 from Saturday the 11th of April. For those of you who are elsewhere in the world, LEGOMASTERS episodes will be online here. Also, make sure to follow us on Instagram to stay updated! @jantje.lola @lola.nouwens


When is the last time you’ve played with LEGO? Are you going to watch the show? Let me know!

Love, Lola

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Legomasters Netherlands

3 years A.D. I never expected to say this: I’m participating in a brand new television show called LEGOMASTERS! Wow.   A new competition called LEGOMASTERS A few months ago Jan called me. He had replied to a post about a LEGO-competition and was asked to come to...

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  1. Talitha

    Ben zo super trots op je! Echt heel leuk dit 🙂

    • Lola

      Aawhh thanks hun ♡

  2. gerry

    Toi toi Lola lego girl.

    • Lola


  3. gerry

    and sorry, also Jantje (second name Lego) 🙂

  4. Movete

    You deserved the price ! We were following your creations and they were amazing !!!! Well done !

    • Lola

      Thanks so much!!!



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