10x suggestions to write on a card

Over the last decade or so, we have en masse decided to stop sending handwritten cards. About six years ago I could make a garland of all the Christmas cards I received, decorating the whole living room. Nowadays, I’m super excited if I get about ten of ‘em. Silly birthday cards are replaced by a message on Facebook. And although I’m as much a fan of a good birthday GIF as the next person, I still prefer paper. I absolutely love sending little notes, long letters, and handwritten thank-you’s.


When I was in treatment though, there was no lack of cards in this house. Not a single round of chemo passed by without me receiving motivational words from all over the continent. I know a lot of people find it difficult to decide what to write to a loved one in treatment. That’s why I share a small selection of my favorite messages. All were sent to me by friends, family, colleagues, neighbors and near-strangers. Pick one, mix it, use them as inspiration.


Here are 10 suggestions to write on a card for a person in cancer treatment:

  1. I think about you a lot. You are always in my mind. I give you a thousand hugs and hope they make you feel better.
  2. I miss you at work. It’s boring without you!
  3. I wish you tons of luck, love and above all: 100% recovery.
  4. May the force be with you.
  5. That your amazing personal strength, which you use to help others, will now help you to recover well.
  6. We feel powerless, we wish we could help but we don’t know how. We wish this disease would just disappear.
  7. Just letting you know I light a candle for you every day.
  8. Sending you warmth, light, and love from our holiday address!
  9. Wanna go grab a coffee?
  10. Next round Lolita!

Obviously, you could also use the suggestions given in this post.


Receiving a handwritten note or letter has a magical touch to it. Knowing that a friend took the time to pick a beautiful card for the occasion – whatever that may be – and sat down to write. Dedicate this minute or hour of their life to you. Isn’t that an amazing way to show affection?


Do you have suggestions? Let me know in the comments below! I’m putting together a list of over a hundred suggestions to share and would love your input!

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